EPV-500 Series PV Module Safety Analyzer

EPV-500 Series PV Module Safety Analyzer

Four-in-One Solution to Solarize Power Optimization

The EPV-500 Series is the world's first 4-in-1 photovoltaic (PV) module safety analyzer. It offers a one-step testing capability for DC withstand, ground bond, insulation resistance, and Potential induced Degradation (PID) in a single easy to use solution. The series delivers superior efficiency, performance, and reliability for testing on PV panels.

Safety and Productivity Features


Ramp High

Charge Low

Fast Discharge

ARC Detection

Smart GFI

Built for Solar Panel Testing

The EPV-500 series is a comprehensive module safety analyzer that includes DC withstand, insulation resistance, DC ground bond, and potential induced degradation (PID), fulfilling all current solar panel safety standards: IEC 61730, IEC 61215, IEC 62804, and UL1703.

Up to 8,000 V DC withstand output

Keeping pace with the current market trend in solar panel system voltage arrays that deliver up to 1,500 Vdc, it can perform Hipot tests outputting at 8,000 Vdc to meet the required safety regulations for large voltage arrays.

PID Testing and True Negative Voltage Design

Designed with maximum negative 2,000 Vdc output voltage meeting the PID testing regulation, and further ensures user’s safety when only leaving the power terminal electrically charged.

Intuitive Clarity

Designed with a 4.3" touch color display, it delivers sharper and crisper images for better visibility during operation.

One-Click Automatic Testing

The system intelligently integrates all the test activities with just one click of a button, bringing speed and efficiency to quality deliverables.

Remote Data Collection

Expand connectivity with PLC, USB, RS-232, GPIB, and Ethernet, allowing remote control from a centralized computer. Additionally, combining with EEC software SPACE-9180 allows users to synchronize with a client’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to collect testing data for future analysis.


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DCW 8kVdc/20mA Max.
IR 6kVdc/50GΩ
GB 40A/600mΩ/8Vdc Max.
PID- -2k to +2k Vdc/20mA (True Negative Voltage)
Dimensions(WxHxD, mm) 430x133x451





  1. Enjoy 2 Years Warranty.
  2. Only one interface can be selected among 1528B, 1535B & 1536B.
  3. Factory option, freight is not included when product return for reinstallation.
  4. Accessory 1119 should select with accessory 1528 or OPT.109.
  5. Accessory 1220 should select with accessory 1404.

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