EAB Series Modular Programmable AC Power Source

EAB Series Modular Programmable AC Power Source

Multi-Unit Connection, Mutil-Power Formation

The EAB series modular AC power source supports linked connections for up to three sources. The flexible design easily meets all power demands through a range of combinations. Not only can the power source expand wattage and simulate a wide variety of power utility systems, it can also increase maximum voltage output. Most importantly, the modular connection setting is easy to use by anyone, even those with limited technical expertise.


Over Current Protection

Over Voltage Protection

Over Power Protection

Over Temperature Protection

Short Current Circuit

Reverse Current Protection

Safety and Productivity Features

OC Fold


V Sense

Angle Setting

Real-world condition power simulation

Power utility system simulation (3Φ4W1/1Φ3W) supplies power for a wide range of product demands.

Synchronous Signal Capture

Synchronic signal output (OFF/ON/EVENT) functionality provides a useful tool for external monitoring, triggering use, and power analysis.

Wide Range of Input/Output Voltage

The series supports a maximum output voltage of 600Vac and a universal full range input voltage of 90-264Vac.

Design With Energy Saving

Built-in active power factor correction (PF>0.97), that is efficiently make electrical power converted into useful work output, consuming less power, more energy saving.

Expandability, Versatility, and Optimal Capacity Choice

Up to three (3) power sources can be linked simultaneously to increase power capacity for maximum capacity of 18kVA (6kVA x 3), making the series an excellent solution for future expansion to meet evolving business needs.


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EAB-110 EAB-120 EAB-140 EAB-160

  AC Output  

Max. Power 1kVA  2kVA 4kVA 6kVA
Max. Current (0 - 150Vac) 9.2A 18.4A 36.8A 55.2A
Max. Current (0 - 300Vac) 4.6A  9.2A  18.4A 27.6A
Phase 1Ø, (Linking Option 1Ø3W or 3Ø4W Poly-Phase)
 Frequency Range 40 - 1kHz Full Range Adjust
 Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) < 0.2% At 110/220V & 50/60Hz (Resistive Load)
 Crest Factor  ≥3

  DC Output  

 Max. Power  1kW 2kW 4kW 6kW
 Max. Current (0 - 210V)  4.8A 9.6A 19.2A 28.8A
 Max. Current (0 - 420V)  2.4A  4.8A  9.6A  14.4A


 Phase  1Ø 1Ø or 3Ø
 Voltage  110/220Vac±10% 220Vac±10% 200 - 240Vac ±10% 1Ø/3Ø3W:200 - 240Vac±10%
3Ø4W:346 - 416Vac±10%
Frequency  47 - 63Hz
Power Factor 0.97


Efficiency ≧75% (at Full load)  ≧80% (at Full load)
 Dimensions (mm) 430x133x530 430x267x500 430x400.5x500
 Net Weight  20kg  21kg  40kg  53kg

1. 3Ø4W must combine with 3 of the same models
2. 1Ø3W or 600Vac output voltage must combine with 2 of the same models




  1. Enjoy 3 Years Warranty.
  2. Only one interface can be selected among OPT.612, 1528, 1535 & 1536 interface card.
  3. Space-9190 supports on the standard configuration only, optional configuration and DC functions are not support.
  4.  Factory option, freight is not included when product return for reinstallation.

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