7480 1kVA AC Withstand Voltage Tester

7480 1kVA AC Withstand Voltage Tester

Satisfying The Need for the Most

The 7480 series high-power AC voltage tester provides a maximum output current of 200mA to meet the special application requirements of such operations as high let-go current (Ir) and short-circuit (Is). The series is designed to satisfy the testing criteria and safety regulations for in-home appliances, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. It can also handle tests requiring a higher-scale rating meter, such as large-capacity capacitance with high-leakage current.

Safety and Productivity Features

Smart GFI

ARC Detection

Testing high leakage current 1000VA

Purpose-Built for Testing High Leakage Current

This industry-leading 1,000VA hipot tester is purpose-designed for high-current products such as those manufactured by the automotive and component industries that require large loading capacity.

Outperforming Standards

The high-output current of 200mA complies with IEC60335 (GB4706), IEC60598 (GB7000), and IEC 60950 (GB4943) regulations, as well as supports let-go current (Ir) of 100 mA and short circuit current (Is) of 200mA.

outperforming standards 7480
Control for ramp up ramp down functions

Fully Flexible Adjustments

Flexible controls allow users to set the ramp-up and ramp-down functions, as well as adjust the test voltage rise and fall time duration.

Your Quality Assurance

Get peak quality assurance for your products with ARC detection capability and eliminate poor gap spacing that may be damaged during shipping and cause dielectric breakdowns.

Quality Assurance


 ACW 5kVa/200mA
Dimensions (mm)430x133x500
Weight 24.4kg




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