9180 Electrical Safety & Functionality Test System

9180 Electrical Safety & Functionality Test System


  • The standard auto test system build features the ESA-140 safety tester and 6170 AC power source. Users can choose models and capacities based on their needs. Combinable safety testers and AC power sources includes SE series, 7630, 7400 series, and EPV-500 series safety testers and 6600 and EAB series AC power source.
  • Capable of controlling up to four (4) identical safety testers at the same time to optimize time efficiency.
  • Optional expansion with 7006 matrix scanner allows users to master the control of up to 320 channels.
  • MES system collocates and communicates flexibly with test system according to customer needs.
  • Capable of load setting data from SPACE-9180.

9180 Auto Test System Build Requirements

  • Safety tester
  • Line leakage tester
  • Programmable AC power source
  • SPACE-9180 Electrical Safety Auto Test Software
  • 7006 Matrix Scanner
  • Industrial PC
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