7300 Series AC Ground Bond Tester

7300 Series AC Ground Bond Tester

The Performance With Most Reliable Results

The 7300 series is a dedicated AC ground bond tester. The wide programmable output current meets all safety regulations and requirements. Highly reliable performance makes the 7300 the most cost-effective ground bond solution. Additionally, it can be bundled to interconnect with the EST-300 series to create a complete safety system.

Safety and Productivity Features


High Current for EV Industry

60A high-output current meets the UL2202 regulation for EV charging system equipment.

Eliminates the Resistance, Minimize the Tolerance

Four-wire measurements utilize two additional wires to eliminate the effects of fixture resistance and combine with auto offset adjustment to enhance testing accuracy.

The Expansion on Testing

The series is capable of connecting to and expanding the EST-300 series to form a complete testing solution.

The Intelligent Self-Diagnostic

Equipped with FailCHEK, the intelligent self-diagnostic checking process and procedure ensures instruments are functioning properly.


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Dimensions (WxHxD, mm)430x130x400
Weight 20kg




  1. Accessory 1160, and 1161 are only use for 7316.

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