6700 Series Linear Programmable AC Power Source

6700 Series Linear Programmable AC Power Source

Micro in Detection Macro in Detail

The 6700 series linear programmable AC power source provides clean power through a range of functional setups. The ultra-low noise design is well-suited to networking communication, audio and video equipment, and surveillance systems.


Over Current Protection

Over Voltage Protection

Over Power Protection

Over Temperature Protection

Short Current Circuit

Safety and Productivity Features

OC Fold


Angle Setting

V Sense (optional)

High Density Power Design

Delivering 1kVA at just 89mm height, the latest high-density power technologies make the 6700 series compact in size to take up less testing space.

Compact Size 6700 Linear AC power source

100us Response, Seamless Operation

The rapid transient reaction allows waveforms to instantly restore within 100us when loads are either added or removed.

Ultra-Low Noise Design

Linear design provides output voltage in ultra-low-noise for applications like network communication, audio and video equipment, and surveillance systems.

Ultra low noise design
Power of OCF over current

Power of OCF

EEC proprietary Over Current Fold (OCF) function automatically adjust voltages, maintaining current for activating the DUT.

Micro Detection

Optional 01.mA/0.01W high-resolution measurement feature supports greater visual detail.

wide range of outputs ac power

Wide Range Output Capability

Optional wide output voltage range of 0-600Vac and frequency range of 45-1000Hz meets rigorous testing demands.


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 67056710672067306740 6750 

  AC Output  

Max. Power500VA1kVA2kVA3kVA4kVA5kVA
Max. Current (0 - 150Vac)4.2A8.4A16.8A25.2A33.6A42A
Max. Current (0 - 300Vac)2.1A4.2A8.4A12.6A16.8A21A
Phase 1Ø/2W
 Frequency Range 40 - 500Hz Full Range Adjust
 Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)< 0.2%
 Crest Factor ≥4


 Phase 1Ø
 Voltage115 / 230Vac±15%  230Vac±15%
Frequency 47 - 63Hz
Power Factor >0.7


Efficiency≧ 40% (at Full load)
 Dimensions (WxHxD, mm)430x89x400430x89x560 430x268x560430x624x650




  1. Enjoy 2 Years Warranty.
  2. Only one interface can be selected among OPT.612, 1528 & 1536 interface card.
  3. Space-9190 supports on the standard configuration only, optional configuration and DC functions are not support.
  4. Factory option, freight is not included when product return for reinstallation.
  5. OPT.623 is only use for 6705 & 6710.
  6. OPT.631 is only use for 6720, 6730 & 6750.
  7. OPT.665 is only use for 6720.
  8. Accessory 1174(1.5M), 1174(5M) are only use for 6710 & 6720.
  9. Accessory 1175(1.5M), 1175(5M) are only use for 6730.
  10. Accessory 1183(1.5M), 1183(5M) are only use for 6710.
  11. Accessory 1184(1.5M), 1184(5M) are only use for 6720.

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