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  • What is a Withstand Voltage test

    A Withstand Voltage Test or High Potential Test (HIPOT test) is a 100% production line test to verify the quality and electrical safety characteristics of products, as required by national and international safety regulatory agencies such as JSA, CSA,VDE, BSI, UL, IEC, TUV etc. The test is performed by exposing an electrical product's input power mains to high voltage, the magnitude of which is specified by the agency for each product type, for a specified duration of time. The test also specifies that "no arc breakdown shall occur" during the application of the high voltage.

  • How to can I get product information at EEC?

    You may leave your name, address and the products of interest on our contact us page or by email . Or you can call EEC and its distributor in your country for information on our products. Find more information on our contact page.

  • What Is EEC’s mission statement?

    Our mission is utilizing specialized technology to provide ideal quality and service, and create a continuous business in the future.