Server – IEC 62368-1 Safety Testing Standard

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The Quality of the Server Depend on the Quality of Safety Testing

In recent years, global enterprises rely heavily on big data, IoT, AI, and other new technologies in helping or enhancing their business growth. Further, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how the business operates today. An example is more and more people hefty rely on online shopping to ensure their daily function remain normal. This butterfly effect accelerates the need for the development of cloud computing and data centers. According to digitimes research1, the demand for data centers increases by 10% every year. While the server is the heart of the data center, it requires higher power for high-performance computing to accelerate data processing. This increases the potential operational and safety risk in the data center. To ensure it functions seamlessly to meet today’s demand, it needs to pass a rigorous safety test to assure its meets superb quality.

How to ensure servers are reliable and safe?

The information technology (IT) industry used to follow the IEC 60950-1 international standard. On December 20, 2020, it had been replaced by the IEC 62368-1. IEC 62368-1 is a hazard-based standard to mitigate risk for audio/video information and communication technology equipment. Therefore, the server must comply with the new standard before getting into the market. The following electrical safety tests are required by the IEC 62368-1:

  • Hipot
  • Ground Bond (GB)
  • Insulation Resistance (IR)
  • Touch Current (TC)

The Hipot test is to evaluate the safety of the server. The tester would inject 2kVdc from the input terminal (Line and Neutral) to the Earth Ground of servers and maintain 60 seconds for the basic insulation test. And the tester would inject 4kVdc from the input terminal (Line and Neutral) to the output terminal of servers and maintain 60 seconds for the reinforced insulation test. The server should not breakdown by the high voltage to pass the test. The GB test is to ensure the servers have a proper ground connection, so it requires 200% of the protective current (normally 30 – 40 V) for 120 seconds. The measurement of resistance between GND and chassis should not exceed 100mΩ. The IR test is to check the product’s insulation capability of the input terminal to the earth ground by using 500 Vdc for 60 seconds. The testing result should not less than 2MΩ for the basic insulation resistance of servers and 4MΩ for the reinforced insulation resistance of servers. The TC test is to assure the leakage current won’t cause electric hazards to the operator, so it simulates different scenarios and uses 110% of rated voltage (normally is 264 Vac). The touch current should not excesses 5mA. Table 1 summarizes the server testing requirements.

Table1: The General Hipot, Ground Bond, Insulation Resistance, and Touch Current Test Considerations of Server and complete EEC product solutions to carry out the above-mentioned IEC 62368-1 electrical safety tests.

Most customers selected to use the combination of SE Series electrical safety analyzer and 7630 line leakage current tester to conduct their IEC 62368-1 tests. They formed a complete electrical safety testing solution that includes Hipot, GB, IR, and TC tests for the server. Furthermore, the EAL–5000 Series Programmable AC Power Source can be used to provide stable power to reduce the interference during tests and keep the high accuracy. The following diagram (figure 1) shows how to connect the complete solution to the servers. The 7630 has built-in IEC 62368-1 measuring devices (MD1 and MD2) that make your safety testing process efficient and ensure your servers in compliance.

Figure 1: SE 7440, 7630, and EAL5020 Connect to the DUT

The Server can Avoid Serious Hazards by Proper Electric Testing Tools

Aforementioned the demand for the data center will continually grow. Server will need to use large power for accelerating the data computing speed, the greater need for vigorous safety tests to reduce the electric hazards. Also, IEC 62368-1 replaced IEC 60950-1, the IT-related industry must be ready for it now. Iknoix Taiwan has already helped many customers to transit to the new standard. If you haven’t done so, please contact us today. We has complete electrical safety testing solutions ready for you.

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