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To provide superior quality safety and power source products and services that: Customers recommend to distributors, engineers prefer for their business, system integrators select for their customers, and business owners seek for long-term return.


Consulting Service Provider for Electricity and Safety

Since 1978, Ikonix Taiwan Co., Ltd (formerly known as Extech Electronics Co., Ltd) has been designing and manufacturing electrical Safety Testers and Power Sources across a variety of industries. Our products serve from defense and aerospace to home appliances, power electronic components, green energy, and medical sectors. The company's test instrument brand was awarded the world's first TUV/GS safety certification.

Ikonix Taiwan partners with the world's leading labs to deliver accurate, reliable, and unique solutions. Providing world-class results is the company's number one mission. For 40 years, Ikonix Taiwan continues to work closely with its customers and partners to understand the market needs and has consistently delivered the best industry service.

Fast and Reliable Service, Anytime, Anywhere

Ikonix Taiwan portfolio of products is sold and serviced on a global basis. We maintain manufacturing, sales, and administrative facilities in various locations. Ikonix Taiwan strives to earn the customer trust by consistently providing dependable products and services, on-time delivery, and reliable support for all safety critical applications.

In APEC, Ikonix Taiwan goes beyond established direct support in China and Malaysia offices. The company also collaborates with local distributors, channel resellers, service partners and system integrators in more than 40 countries to help our customers achieve world-class performance.

EEC Safety and Power