Built to make complicated test easy. The all-new SCI Safety Testing Lines

Taipei, Taiwan, April 6, 2021 – Ikonix Taiwan Co., the leader in safety testing instruments and solutions today announced the release of the brand new SCI product line into electric safety testing family. This line is simply designed with only the features that is needed to get the job done while maintain high quality and reliability results. The product lines come in plenty of performances and choices include performing Hipot test, ground bond test, and general electrical safety tests.

With the initial launch of SCI 290 series 3-in-1 Hipot tester. A simple and intuitive interface that simplifies complex menus and excessive buttons, allow manufacturers to set-up and run production Hipot test in a matter of seconds. The 290 series also provides simple to manage security settings that make it easy to set the permission levels. With a rugged, portable, and reliable design, the 290 series is well suited for production line and field-use applications. In addition to its compact size and light-weight, makes the 290 series a secondary instrument for manual Hipot testing around large machineries. The optional USB interface allows manufacturers to make automation on their production line, optimizes overall operation efficiency. This product lines inherit same core value as Ikonix Taiwan (Formerly known as Extech Electronics Co.) in terms of quality and reliability, and has been widely used well-known by international companies. The series passes various rigorous testing to ensure ultimate safety is delivered to the customer’s hands.

The 290 series features the following models:
296 5 kV AC & 6 kV DC Hipot Tester
297 5 KV AC & 6 kV DC Hipot Tester with Insulation Resistance Tester

To learn more about new SCI 290 series, visit: https://www.eecextech.com/products/sci-290-series-hipot-tester/

SCI product line is “Designed for all that is needed”. Ikonix with 80 years of on-site experience deeply understand our customer application needs in various job function level. For some QC engineer, production testing, and service technicians, a simple and reliable testing instrument that gets the job done fast is the most ideal. Hence, SCI meeting for this ideal with cost effective solution.

About Ikonix

For 80 years, Ikonix has been producing cutting-edge electrical safety testers and AC power sources for a variety of industries. We strive to earn our customers’ trust by consistently offering dependable products, services, and reliable support for all testing applications.

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