Taipei, Taiwan – Extech Electronics Co. Ltd. has changed its company name to Ikonix Taiwan Co. Ltd. effectively on January 29th 2021, completing its strategic move into the global Ikonix Group. The company continues to develop EEC product brands while serves as an Ikonix business hub for Taiwan and China.

“The goal of the change is to increase our global presence and to make doing business with Ikonix as easy as possible,” said Adam Mikos, Ikonix Taiwan General Manager. “Our branding is important because this is how we are perceived by the customer. It is how customers see our products, people, and organization. And it is what separates us from our competitors. It is vital to our success and growth. As part of Ikonix’s effort to increase customer awareness and opportunity for success, we have changed our English name from Extech Electronics to Ikonix Taiwan.

In the upcoming months, there will be few makeover changes including our new company logo, websites and other visible materials.  One thing will not be changed is our highest customer satisfaction in product and services.

Ikonix Group is a parenting company to some of the leading test and measurement brands including Associated Research, Associated Power Technologies, and SCI in delivering complete electrical safety solutions.

The group was established as a private investment firm that specializes in global test and measurement companies. Ikonix product brands have more than 80 years of reputable industry experience and long-term commitment on deliver the highest quality and safety products to our customers. With the most stringent quality control from design, the material used to produce. We aim to assures the highest satisfaction is delivered to our customers and their customer’s hands.