Extech Electronic Co. (EEC) Celebrates 40 Years of Safe and Satisfying Electrical Testing

Taipei, Taiwan — Extech Electronic Co. (EEC) is blowing out the birthday candles as the industry-leading innovator of electrical testing equipment celebrates its 40th anniversary. This year, the company marks four dynamic decades of proudly ensuring the quality of electrical equipment while protecting the safety of manufacturing workers and consumers worldwide. Wherever electrical products are used, there is a need for technologies that allow manufacturers to exceed the highest quality and safety standards and pass those benefits on to their customers. In recognition of this landmark occasion, EEC is sharing its rich history while forging a new course for the future.

Revolution and Evolution

EEC is commemorating this milestone with several transformative advances that will enhance brand awareness and expand its business in exciting new directions, all with a focus on improving customer satisfaction. EEC is kicking off the celebration with the launch of the www.eecextech.com website, aiming to inspire customer engagement through a modern, user-friendly online platform that integrates social media and direct engagement. The company is also striving to advance the EEC user experience through multi-language support for its feature-rich solutions.

Over its 40-year history, EEC has placed an emphasis on delivering superior products and technologies. The company will continue to explore new horizons to enhance its product lines in both electrical safety testers and AC power sources. This year, EEC will revolutionize its approach by shifting to a solution-oriented focus, bringing a myriad of game-changing solutions to multiple industries. This transformation draws upon four decades of experience creating testing solutions for components that drive and array of outstanding multinational brands such as Apple, Dyson, Panasonic, and others.

Sharing Experience

Forty years in the industry has yielded an unmatched pool of knowledge that EEC aims to share through its EEC Service Program. Manufacturers will gain unprecedented access to the company’s expertise in general electrical safety, testing instrumentation and equipment, and testing standards, while EEC provide advanced training on state-of-the-art industry applications and technology. Consulting services along with hardware specifications are now fully customizable to meet the individual needs.

Since its founding, EEC has established a global presence across 40 countries, and now the company is extending its reach even further with EEC Everywhere. This strategic shift marks an aggressive expansion from direct to indirect sales, opening the door to more distributers and greater service coverage than ever before. As a result, customers can expect almost unlimited availability and unprecedented response times for their requests, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

The Best is Yet to Come

Looking ahead to an exciting future, EEC remains committed to the highest standards of quality and safety. EEC invites customers old and new to see where the next 40 years take it as the company continues to work with the leading international test laboratories such as UL, TUV, and others to deliver best possible products, solutions, and services for a safe and satisfying electrical life.

More information about EEC visit: www.eecextech.com.